4 Cute & Romantic Text Messages To Send To A Girl

So, what are some cute text to send a girl?
Here are a few that you can send to her that will be sure to put a smile on her face.

“Did I tell you that your beauty consumes me?”
A women loves a compliment. It’s the age old tale that won’t ever change about women. When you compliment her, it does a few things that help in your favor. It legitimizes her internally and helps makes her feel whole (especially if she is the type that spends hours in the mirror getting ready). It also shows her how romantic you are and she will begin to wonder how far does your romance go. This is a great thing because, quite simply, women love romance. So don’t be scare to show it!

“Let me give you a massage to relieve that stress”
Here is one that you can use if you know she has had a bad day. This is one of those things that is unavoidable, let’s face it, she is going to have a bad day, everyone has them. You just have to be ready to handle that when it comes around. Giving a woman a massage is the begining to breaking down sexual walls between the two of you. In most cases, when a man give a woman a massage, she is allowing the man to touch her in a way that most men won’t. Its the act of you phsically pleasing her, and sowing seeds in her mind of how great sex would be with you because you are catering to her needs. The ONLY thing that would drive her more crazy and really wanting you, is after you finish with the massage, don’t make any further sexual advances. In her mind, you not expecting anything in return will absolutely drive her wild. Try it on and see for yourself.

“I made plans for us tonight”
This one requires a little planing ahead on your part, but can prove to be very effective. What this will show her is that you are somewhat spontaneous and like to surprise her. This could be something as simple as going to get ice cream. The point here is that you are doing something nice that includes her in it. Let us not forget that it forces her to see what you are really about, and leads to more dates.

“Just wanted to tell you, I Miss You”
Here is one that is a straight shooter yet very simple. It lets her know that she is not only thought about, but that you desire to be in her presence as soon as possible. This is the classic feel good message that everyone likes to get.

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